For such an unassuming guy in jeans and chucks – what a voice! He inhabited the stage and the room, playing an engaging set with personal lyrics and a genuine demeanour. it was a really special performance.”


Sydney singer songwriter Braden Evans would often raid his father’s record collection 
and make mix tapes of The Beatles as a child. This early passion for The Beatles spawned 
not only his love for music but also his pop sensibilities. Then influences like Pearl Jam and Jeff Buckley 
helped him shape the raw emotive and passionate voice that we hear today. 

No stranger to the stage, Braden spent the early to mid 2000's fronting hard rock outfit Rivers-End. 
Releasing their debut EP through Bonza Records.  
The band received radio play from Triple M and Triple J. With tours up and down the East coast of Australia,  
Rivers-End played alongside bands like; The Screaming Jets, Birds of Tokyo and Gyroscope. 

In a bold move to further develop his song craft, Braden sold all of his electric guitars and amps in exchange for an acoustic guitar and  began work with American producer Lamar Lowder. 
His debut solo album titled "Tempting the Thieves" was produced and released in November 2013 and afforded him the opportunity to perform at some great Australian venues such as the Enmore, Anita's Theatre, The Sydney Cricket Ground and ANZ Stadium, alongside some music industry legends  such as Richard Clapton, Billy Joel, Aerosmith and Van Halen. 

Following a successful run of performances opening for Blood,Sweat & Tears on their Australian tour in 2015 
Braden released his 2nd offering. A self produced intimate, acoustic EP titled "Sweet Ass Time", which was launched to a packed house at The Vanguard in Sydney. 

In May 2017 Braden made the leap to full time musician, to further develop his stagecraft and musical capabilities, playing up to 9 shows a week with such runs as 65 shows in 65 days, the stage has definitely become a very comfortable place. 

In 2019 the release of the single ‘Midnight Hummingbird’ Marked a change in direction. With this more upbeat and rocking offering, Braden was invited to perform ‘Midnight Hummingbird’ at the Sydney Cricket Ground before an NRL game. Following this performance was invited to be apart of the NRL’s pre-game entertainment during the semi-finals at Brookvale Oval and GIO stadium in Canberra. 

During the Covid lockdown in mid 2020 Braden Co-wrote a handful of Indie/Folk, Acoustic songs that are currently being used in TV shows around the world, most recently in the Netflix show ‘Who Killed Sara?’ and 'Stay Close'.





phone- +61 402 550 500